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California Education Code

Santa Barbara schools are working to make their classrooms and school environments more welcoming for trans identified youth. 

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Restrooms, Locker Rooms, & Athletics

AB 1266, passed in January of 2014, requires California schools to allow transgender students access to restrooms and facilities that correspond to their gender identity. This policy also permits students to play on athletic teams consistent with their gender identity.


"A pupil shall be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs and activities, including athletic teams and competitions, and use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil's records."

(AB 1266- School Success and Opportunity Act)





Student Records- Names & Pronouns

As of February 2015, students in SBUSD may change their name and gender marker in district-related documents, including the computer system that corresponds to attendance, the yearbook, etc. The student's legal name or gender will still be entered on mandatory student records, but all other documentation can be amended to reflect the student's preferred name and pronouns. These changes require written request from the student or their parents/guardians, and should be presented to the on-site administrator.


"Student Records: A student's legal name or gender as entered on the mandatory student record required persuant to 5 CCR 432 shall only be changed pursuant to a court order. However, at the written request of a student or, if appropriate, his/her parents/guardians, the district shall use the student's preferred name and pronouns consistent with his/her gender identity on all other district-related documents."

(SBUSD Nondiscrimination/Harassment- Administrative Regulation 5145.3)


"Names and Pronouns: If a student so chooses, district personnel shall be required to address the student by a name and the pronouns consistent with his/her gender identity, without the necessity of a court order or a change to his/her official district record." 

(SBUSD Nondiscrimination/Harassment- Administrative Regulation 5145.3)




Uniforms/Dress Code

"A student has the right to dress in a manner consistent with his/her gender identity, subject to any dress code adopted on a school site."

(SBUSD Nondiscrimination/Harassment- Administrative Regulation 5145.3)



For more questions about state and federal laws and policies that protect transgender students,

please contact:


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